Professional History

Work Experience

10/2017 - Present Owner, Pre-Trip LLC provides assistance at a reasonable rate and strives to help companies to continually move forward; Pre-Trip assist you with State and Federal regulation compliance to include inspection evaluation, Data-Q adjudication, driver training issues (HOS, Pre-Trip and Post-Trip inspections, and defensive driving), required company files, federal audits, hazardous material awareness, and company investigations (backgrounds, loss prevention, and collision re-construction). Company representatives can tailor their needs as appropriate. North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) classroom training for Certified Director of Safety (CDS) and Certified Safety Supervisor (CSS) was completed on May 11, 2018, certification is pending.

2/2017 – 9/2017 Investigator, Office of Professional Responsibility (SC Dept. of Public Safety) Responsible for completing thorough investigations of all personnel employed by the Divisions within SCDPS. These investigations include allegations of misconduct, job performance issues, professionalism, and possible criminal offences.

8/2016 – 2/2017 Background Investigator (SCDPS) Responsible for completing thorough background investigations on Highway Patrol applicants. These investigations include civil, criminal, financial, employment, and personal references. The investigations are informatively written and documented electronically using a program called Nitro.

2/2016 – 8/2016 Safety Manager (AM-CAN Transportation Service) Responsible for insuring state and federal safety regulation compliance by all company drivers and dispatchers.  Established training and operational safety guidelines and was the on-site state and federal regulations expert. Served as Smith System Instructor, which is a defensive driving course used to change driver behaviors, produced a monthly PowerPoint presentation concerning safety operations, and investigated internal, external complaints against company drivers, and driver job performance issues.

1/2001 – 2/2016 Captain (SC State Transport Police) Responsible for investigating and supervising Division internal investigations concerning complaints against officers and industry traffic violation complaints. Served as radiation detection portal exercise planner, assisting with strategic plan documentation, documenting and reviewing enforcement plans, handled job performance issues, corrective actions and work improvement plans, producing Excel spread sheets concerning monthly enforcement numbers, carrying out lecture and speaking engagement assignments and execution, assisting with K-9 grant documentation, testifying before state house sub-committee meetings, and supervising all enforcement operations and conducting driver/vehicle inspections.

1/1997 – 12/2000 Sergeant/Lieutenant (Special Operations, SC State Transport Police) Responsible for supervising of the STAR Unit; conducting and supervised drug interdiction enforcement, driver/vehicle inspections, maintaining evidence and documentation requirement for the Unit, drafting Unit enforcement plan, serving as the Division’s accreditation program liaison, writing the Allocation and Distribution of Personnel Manual for STP, and producing the supervision ranks promotional exams. (Promoted to Lieutenant 1/2000).

7/1993 – 12/1996 Corporal/Sergeant (Supervisor, Florence Unit, SC State Transport Police) Responsible for supervising the officers assigned to this Unit, enforcing state and federal safety and hazardous material regulations, and conducting inspections and weight enforcement.  Drafted the Unit enforcement plan, attended magistrate’s court, testified in trials, and managed all Unit documentation requirements.  (Promoted to Sergeant 12/1994).

8/1983 – 7/1993 Officer/Lieutenant (SC Public Service Commission) Responsible for enforcement of state laws 56 and 58 codes, federal safety regulations, hazardous material regulations, and transportation authority requirements. Promoted to Lieutenant 1988 and became responsible for auditing the work performance of officers in the district, training of new officers, and conducting safety reviews.

5/1983 – 8/1983 Real Estate Sales (Hussy Realty, N. Myrtle Beach) Sales representative of commercial and residential properties. 1983 Graduated Piedmont Technical College, Real Estate License. Also, worked part-time at Club 2001 as a doorman and floor security.

7/1982 – 5/1983 District Sales Representative (Suburban Propane, Laurens) Responsible for the sale of gas installations, appliances, and other types of gas equipment in nine upper state counties.  This position and my father’s propane gas company provided an understanding of the issues in dealing with highly flammable gas.


1977 Graduated Laurens District 55 High School

1982 Graduated Lander University (BS Degree Business Administration) Dean’s List 1982

1984 USDOT Transportation Safety Institute (Hazardous Materials Compliance & Enforcement Course)

1984 SC Criminal Justice Academy (Basic Law Enforcement) Honor Graduate

1988/1994 USDOT Transportation Safety Institute (North American Standard Driver/Vehicle Inspection Course)

1988/2004 Federal Hwy. Administration, Office of Motor Carriers (Transportation of Hazardous Materials Course)

1990 SC Criminal Justice Academy (Basic Instructor Course)

1990 SC Criminal Justice Academy (Level I Firearms Instructor Course)

1993 Drug Interdiction Assistance Program Training (Drug Enforcement on Commercial Motor Vehicles)

1993 USDOT Transportation Safety Institute (Specialized Hazardous Materials, Waste/Substance Course)

1993 SC Criminal Justice Academy (SCDPS Size & Weight Enforcement Course)

1994 USDOT Transportation Safety Institute (North American Standard Cargo Tanks Inspection Course)

1997 SLED Marijuana Analysis Re-Certification Courses

1997 University of Missouri (Basic Hazardous Materials Inspection Course)

1997 USDOT Transportation Safety Institute (Enhanced North American Standard Inspection Course) Level VI Radioactive Materials

2005 Emergency Management Institute (Incident Command System)

2011 Phases I – III Collision Re-Construction Courses (240 Hours)

2012 Phase I CMV Collision Re-Construction Course (40 Hours)

2012 Bendix Air Brake Systems Training Course (24 Hours)

2012 Phase II CMV Collision Re-Construction Course (40 Hours)

2012 Traffic Safety Officer, Collision Re-Construction, Speed Measurement Devices, and Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SC Criminal Justice Academy)

2013/2014 Division Investigations Training (SCDPS, Office of Professional Responsibility)

2016 Smith System Instructor Course

2016 SC Police Accreditation Coalition (Hiring, Selection, and Background Investigation Training)

Professional Memberships

SC Trucking Association (SCTA)

SC Timber Producers’ Association

American Association of State Troopers

SC Law Enforcement Officers’ Association (SCLEOA)

SC State Troopers’ Association