How We Can Help

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Don't let a violation put you in the dog house!

The 7-Basic's

Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories

1)  Unsafe Driving

2) Crash Indicator

3) Hours of Service Compliance

4) Vehicle Maintenance

5) Controlled Substance/Alcohol

6) Hazardous Material Compliance

7) Driver Fitness

Other areas of concern you may need help with:

Investigations – Conduct collision re-construction, background, internal affairs, litigation, and loss prevention investigations.

State Size, Weight, and Safety Enforcement – assistance with interpretation of laws and evaluations of company policies and procedures related to this area.

Explanation of assistance

Driver Behavior/Crash Prevention can be addressed through training, policy evaluation, and proper procedure development. Drivers can be properly trained concerning Pre-Trip and Post-Trip inspections to help eliminate enroute violations. Drivers can also be indoctrinated to drive Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV) in a safe and courteous manner to ensure a proactive attitude towards preventing collisions before they occur.

Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance can be address through training and providing a complete interpretation of the hours of service regulations. Drivers and dispatchers can be assisted in understanding the HOS regulations and drivers can become more willing to adhere to the limits of the 60/70 hours rule, 11 hours driving limit, 14 hours on duty limit, 30 minutes rest break requirement, 34 hours restart, the inspection entry requirements, and the required log information. This training is for paper or electronic logging systems and retention requirements.

Vehicle Maintenance can be address by training your drivers how to properly conduct Pre-Trip and Post-Trip inspections to help eliminate enroute violations. Company or contracted mechanics can be trained to properly address and repair equipment defects and align equipment violations on inspections with the documented repairs for accurate vehicle maintenance files. Proper documentation and retention of Annual Inspection paperwork can also be addressed.

Controlled Substances/Alcohol can be addressed within your company through awareness training and an effective drug and alcohol screen testing program. Assistance can be available concerning routine screen testing requirements and post-crash testing requirements. Remember that what your drivers are prescribed by a doctor is also a safety concern.

Hazardous Material Compliance can be addressed through training concerning the Federal Hazardous Material regulations and awareness of the dangers involved while transporting dangerous loads.

Driver Fitness can be addressed through a review of your driver’s qualification files related to a valid Commercial Driver License (CDL), Medical certificate, state driving record, annual driving record review, and completed employment application.

Size, Weight, and Safety Compliance can be addressed through education concerning size and weight limits, laws, and regulations. Safety training reference state and federal laws and regulations can be directed towards management and drivers to achieve a proactive position by these employees, which helps prevent vehicle collisions and violations.

Investigations concerning collision re-construction, employment backgrounds, company internal affairs, litigation, and loss prevention can be handle through my training, experience, and being a licensed Private Investigator. I also have the authority as a SC Notary Public to administer an oath regarding the performance of my duties. Any person making a false statement under oath may be guilty of perjury and be subject to the penalties of law. Collision re-construction investigations handle by Pre-Trip would be substantially less expensive than a company utilizing technologically advance equipment. To maintain lower cost, a CMV collision would be investigated through witness statements, standard scene measurements, vehicle equipment measurements, and S-Cam Brake Force Calculations.

Management Issues addressed through a review of company polices, evaluation of personnel job performance, work improvement plans, disciplinary concerns, and job training. Will assist with any employee disciplinary matters to include recommendations or execution of the situation as necessary.